Sunny Side up!!


I couldn’t believe that after a few weeks of blogging I was nominated for The Leibster Award. Now a few weeks later I have been nominated for The Sunshine Award by the lovely Rachel. Thank you so much for the nomination, it brightened my day, especially as it was misty murky day when you nominated me! Everyone please take a look at her blog.


My nominations: (nominate others and answer the questions below!)


What inspired you to start blogging?

I think it was just a desire to be heard, a place where people I don’t know can see my work and I can post anything I fancy whenever I fancy. It’s nice to have a blog that no one in my life knows about, it’s something special and secretive. It’s an appealing thought that it is completely cut off from my friends and family, I am myself and I am not shy about posting my work.

How did you come up with the name to your blog?

I couldn’t think of what to call it, I always get stuck with writers block so that’s what I decided it would be. I fiddled with the words and called it Writers Blog…imaginative I know.

What is your favorite blog that you like to read?

Oh, I’m not sure, probably my nominator, Rachael ( She was one of the first people to take an interest in my blog so I tend to find myself reading her blogs more often than most other. CHECK OUT HER BLOG!!

Tell about your dream job?

A novelist, I love writing. It’s what I look forward to most days. To be able to spend the rest of my life reading and writing truly would be a dream.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

It varies. Some days I am so positive and ready to face the world, other days I feel the opposite. Definitely more half full than half empty though, sometimes I have to give myself a shake and tell myself to stop being a moron.

If you could go anywhere for a week’s vacation, where would you go?

Paris! I have always wanted to go there, It looks so beautiful and romantic.

What food can you absolutely not eat?

Oh dear, the killer question, I am a pain when it comes to food. I don’t like Chinese, tai, most curries, chilli. Most things interesting, I won’t like.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate all the way! My nominator mentioned Creme Eggs. Oh my, love them! Easter is the best time of year because you can gorge yourself on chocolate and no one is allowed to judge you!

How much time do you spend blogging?

To be honest, it varies, some weeks I will post hardly anything and others I can’t keep myself away!

Do you watch tv – if so, what are some of your favorite shows?

This could be embarrassing. I watch Eastenders (I don’t know why, it just appears on the TV in front of me and there is nothing I can do!) Home and Away, me and my Aussie friend watch it, she even bought me a special edition magazine when she went back out there, I just love River Boys. Misfits was great, I loved Nathan, when he left I lost interest, I always find when programmes introduce new characters who spontaneously get super powers it loses its umph. I love, love love, Call the Midwife, Ripper Street, The Paradise and Mr Selfridge. I should have been born into a time of pretty dresses and gorgeous hair. Merlin, anything 100 years ago and I will probably like it. I won’t bore you with any more!


Thanks again Rachel, it means a lot! x


About lilyluna93

I am from Hertfordshire, England. I enjoy reading, writing, singing and acting and aspire to have my book published in the near future. Have a look at my blogs, you'll find some of my writing and my journeys. Enjoy.
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3 Responses to Sunny Side up!!

  1. tig23 says:

    Thank you so much!! 🙂 Congratulations on your award too 🙂

  2. lilyluna93 says:

    No problem! And thank you 🙂

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