Sunlight Chaser

Today I have decided that I am definitely a sunlight chaser. I love the sunshine.

I woke up this morning and thought it was still the middle of the night. Outside of my window hung a dreary and murky fog, it had blocked out any sunlight and left everything looking gloomy. I love waking to beams of sunlight pouring through my window and everything looking rose tinted. If I had the money I would chase the sunshine, I would have a few weeks of winter and then for the rest of the year go from warm place to warm place until I felt satisfied.  I miss the feeling of sunshine on my skin, I want to wear pretty dresses and sandals, or shorts and blouses, I need sun! And we all know that this year our summer will be as awful as it was last year. English summers are so much better, April and May are summer here. 

Oh well, one day I might have the money to actually be a sunlight chaser, and when I am sick of the sunshine I will go to Whistler or Austria and enjoy some snow!

On a more happier note I have finally started redrafting! It isn’t as awful as I had first thought. Lets all pray that I can make my July deadline. Image


About lilyluna93

I am from Hertfordshire, England. I enjoy reading, writing, singing and acting and aspire to have my book published in the near future. Have a look at my blogs, you'll find some of my writing and my journeys. Enjoy.
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4 Responses to Sunlight Chaser

  1. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. If you’d like to accept you can find it here:

  2. A lovely post about the beauty of the sun. I travel a lot and have been lucky enough to miss quite a few winters here. I do think it has made me even less tolerant of the cold though! I remember coming back to the UK in August, after spending over a year in Mexico. Everyone was prancing around in shorts, saying how warm it was and I was in jeans and a sweatshirt, thinking: this isn’t warm!! Chase the sun – I recommend it 😉

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