Valentines Day

Oh my favourite day of the year has arrived! All the shops are full of red fluffy teddies, tacky cards and fake roses. In supermarkets twelve red roses cost forty pounds and heart shaped chocolate boxes are double the price they will be in a months time. All over the social networking sites I am bombarded with girls posting pictures of them waking up with balloons and flowers sitting on their beds. They post little comments about how great their boyfriends and girlfriends are and that they love them forever and always. I may be a little bit of an unloved grump but I know in a few months half of those people wont be together any more. Next valentines they’ll be with some other poor sod who will end up tossed onto the rubbish heap a few weeks later.

Perhaps I am frosty to the idea of Valentines day because I have seen nineteen now, and not once had someone to share it with (although I did receive a card from the dog I sponsor… YES!!). Next year I might have met my first boyfriend and I will post to you all a picture of my flowers or whatever the poor guy gives me. Or I might be in the same situation I am in now, grumpily avoiding Facebook.

I did have a date today though! You will all love hearing about this one as I got a lot of mouth action. I went to the dentist, yep, closest thing to a kiss was a rubber glove rooting through my mouth. Luckily for me that’s as far as it went, all good in the mouth. (phew)

That steers me nicely onto the topic of love. I’m nineteen, according to ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ I am on the shelf because I am not married. During my prom when I was sixteen, two girls were engaged and another was pregnant. Now I am nineteen, neither of those who were engaged are married, and they are with different people. Two weeks ago a picture of a hand with a ring popped up onto my Facebook. Another girl is engaged. I don’t even know what it’s like to be in a relationship let alone engaged! I just think that in this day and age love isn’t what it used to be. There is no courtship, no gradual approach. People ask each other out by text, the idea of being proposed to by text or on face time makes me feel a little queasy. Why don’t people let it take it’s natural course rather than push it along. Maybe that is why I am still alone, I need to wear skirts that look like belts and take it whenever I can. Sorry, that’s not me. I will always watch those girls and laugh while I sit with my drink and know that all of the boys around me won’t be interested in the girl who respects herself.

Wow, definitely gone off on a tangent there. To end on a positive note, I do not care that I don’t have a boyfriend. The girls that have all the boys aren’t happy, the clue is in the ‘all the boys’ part. They never stick around and then she has to move on to the next one. I would rather wait for someone special.

I would like to finish on something that may either make you laugh or make you wonder what our world has come to. Enjoy! Image


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I am from Hertfordshire, England. I enjoy reading, writing, singing and acting and aspire to have my book published in the near future. Have a look at my blogs, you'll find some of my writing and my journeys. Enjoy.
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15 Responses to Valentines Day

  1. Tafe says:

    I think I sensed a bit of bitterness in the first half of your post haha. While I completely agree that their should be some sort of courtship and better deffinition of love and relationships. Ask yourself this. Where does your idea of love come from? Media? Upbringing? Or is it a fantasy that you simply believe is right?
    Now, think as the girls you described. Maybe their deffinition of love is that txt that asked them out. It’s all personal opinion and our own truths. While I fully agree old romance is dead or lost for the most part, I think for many romance is just something different now.

    • lilyluna93 says:

      Hahaa, I am definitely bitter, I just pretend! Well I guess it comes from books, that’s the main problem, being a bookworm can give you a shiny idea of everything. I think I just hate how these people seem to spend most of their relationships on facebook! (Although your girlfriend is fine to want to have the ‘in a relationship with…;)) What I mean is when they seem to post more about their relationship on facebook rather than actual face to face involvement! Oh dear. I will die a mad old cat lady shouting at the younguns for being too in love 😉

      • Tafe says:

        Facebook is just the new public appearance. It’s just a front. While pathetic as it is, you should be glad you are above it. Eventually someone will come around who is also above it. Until then, enjoy being single 😀 A lot less reading and writing time when you are not haha.

      • lilyluna93 says:

        Ahaa I will spend all my days writing 🙂 and even if someone does come along, I will probably still spend my days writing !

      • angelicreader says:

        The problem with romance novels and just about any other book that has some itsy bit of romance in it, it makes us see love as perfect and rosy and that as soon as you catch your man it is happily ever after. But its not. Sooooo not.

      • lilyluna93 says:

        Ahh congrats on the engagement 😉 and yep totally agree, the half price candy is a good part!

  2. I’m in the same situation as you – 19 and never had a Valentine, or a proper boyfriend. Though my mum gave me a heart-shaped chocolate to ease my pain yesterday. #Winning

    • Tafe says:

      It’s beggining to sound like women in the UK are drastically under appreciated. You can come to the U.S. where every girl whos worth a damn is taken and unhappy. Seems like something to shoot for, doesnt it?…

      • lilyluna93 says:

        We are deeply unappreciated 😉 but I could never leave England! It’s surprising but I do like it here, as tempting as your offer sounds!

      • I wish I lived in the UK! Sexy British accents and all. I live in Australia.

      • Tafe says:

        My apologies. I believe I read that on your blog but had it in my head you lived in England. I would trade places with both of you in a heartbeat. Australia and the UK are two of the few places I’d live besides the U.S. And apparently there is a shortage of decent men in both places. A clear plus.

      • lilyluna93 says:

        Ohh but I do love an Aussie accent 😉 the weather is rubbish over here though!

      • Australian weather isn’t nearly as good as the tourism board makes it out to be. Today it was warm, then teeming rain, then hot and humid, then freezing cold and raining again. In the last month we’ve had temps over 45 degrees, bush fires and floods. In fact, I’d say the only weather phenomenon we haven’t had is snow.

      • lilyluna93 says:

        Oh god! Yeah maybe home and away is a little unrealistic when looking at weather 😉 ahaa, we’ve had sunshine today! I want it to be summer now!

  3. angelicreader says:

    I am 23 engaged and very happy (not always – but who is?) I used to be right where you are now, and I won’t lie to you and tell you that it will get better, cos it doesn’t, not for everyone. I will tell you that I like the honesty in your post and remind you that Valentines day is only one day of the year, and that today candy is half priced. 🙂

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