Me, Myself and I

Well I have been blogging for a while and have not enlightened all you folks with a few of my antics over the years. I’ve had nineteen years on this planet and so far I’ve managed to do some stupid things! So here you are. This is me.

1. I am a grabber of electric fences. Yes, been there done that! I once saw some very pretty horses in a field and ran towards them yelling, ‘HORSES!’ I grabbed the fence with both hands and got a bit of a shock. My family found it hilarious and do enjoy bringing it up in public.

2. Another electrical mishap. I was on a school music trip to Vienna and everyone was out in the corridors laughing, singing and playing instruments. I went into a room of girls from the year above and was talking to them, when I went to leave I stood on a girls iPod charger that was plugged into the wall. With the other foot I kicked the wire, the charger snapped and we were suddenly plunged into darkness. There was one sound, my nervous laughter. I stuck my head out of the door and looked into the corridor, pitch black. I had blown a fuse for the entire hotel. Not one of my finest moments, luckily the teacher in charge was completely out of his head on the hotels whiskey, phew.

3. Me and my brother were both extremely cool when we were younger. We were chasing each other around the house throwing screwed up pieces of paper at one another. I tripped over my dads shoes, landed on sample tiles my parents had bought for the kitchen and managed to gash my leg. This, however, was not bad enough, we had recently bought a puppy Labrador who thought me screaming on the floor looked like fun, so he bounded over and started biting my ears! Fab.

4. I was Princess Jasmine in Aladdin when I was sixteen and during the dress rehearsal I went on stage at completely the wrong part and started saying my lines, the entire cast were watching me along with the rather hot techies. Not a good moment.

5. When I had Radioiodine I had to go into a lead lined solitary room. Sounds like something out of a movie! My best friend decided to get me some bits and bobs to keep me going. These included plasticine, to make a different animal out of each time (duh!), children’s colouring books, word searches, felt tip pens and a ‘Where’s the Meerkat’ book. Now these all looked rather fun, I was 18 but the challenge of making animals each day out of plasticine seemed a little appealing to pass the time. The only problem was that the two physicists that were giving me the medicine were quite good looking. One more so that the other. Before I left they had to scan everything to make sure that it wasn’t too radioactive to leave. So they had to take out all of my plasticine (I hadn’t made any animals as I wasn’t in as long as I had thought. THANK GOD!!) they scanned all the colouring books, even my underwear. I have never glowed a brighter red than that moment.

6. Most of my embarrasing stories involve good looking lads, this one was after my second operation. I was in the little side room in the bed with my hair in plaits and in some pretty grim pyjamas. Because I had just had an operation on my neck it was very difficult and painful to cough. I was in the bed trying to be sick, a woman was holding a dish under my chin and an attractive cleaner came in to wash the floor. (I’m sorry, when do you ever get a good looking male cleaner who happens to be the same age as you? And if so why did it have to happen when I was looking horrible trying to be sick!?)

6. I work a few days a week at a pre – school. One day a little boy told me he needed the toilet, suddenly flocks of children needed to go and I was walking through the hall when I stood on one of the push along cars, I skidded backwards and nearly squashed little Emily. All the time the work experience girl was watching me as if I was completely mad. I like to make a good impression me!

7. I help at my old drama group and was teaching some of the younger ones a dance during the entire rehearsal and helping the older ones learn words. I got home and my parents told me I had ripped my jeans. You could see my black lacy knickers and half way down my leg! Another of my finest moments.


Well, there are a few of my mishaps, I hope you enjoyed them!


About lilyluna93

I am from Hertfordshire, England. I enjoy reading, writing, singing and acting and aspire to have my book published in the near future. Have a look at my blogs, you'll find some of my writing and my journeys. Enjoy.
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2 Responses to Me, Myself and I

  1. Oh dear, sounds like something out of a sitcom! Don’t worry, we all have those moments … right? :S

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