Sometimes you have down days, we all have them. I think I struggle to cope with them more than most because I’m stuck at home with only my thoughts to keep me company.

Over the past few weeks I decided to give myself a little shake and sort myself out, I went horse riding on Saturday for the first time since my treatment. Apart from realising I am disgustingly unfit I felt a lot happier than I had in a while. So this weekend I messaged the two friends I have that aren’t at uni and started to organise.

Yesterday I was supposed to go into town with my best friend, it wasn’t going to be anything exciting but it would get me out of the house. When she cancelled I felt really down. I was stuck indoors, all my friends were a uni having fun, making new friends and enjoying themselves. I was at home with the dog. I think you all understand. It wasn’t ideal. The most exciting thing I did yesterday was go to Sainsbury’s.

Today is a NEW day! I am getting the train and meeting a friend with her puppy boxer dog (ahh) and we are going on a walk. It seems ridiculous that at nineteen I am getting miserable about being stuck inside. A few weeks and months ago it didn’t bother me because I was too poorly to do anything, sitting on the sofa suited me fine. I think this boredom is a good sign. I feel normal again. So now I need to find things to do! So here is my list:

1. I want to find an old fashioned ladies bicycle and do it up for when I go to university in September.

2. I want to go to Paris. ( Alone? Not sure, I cant speak French, may have to find a friend to drag along.)

3. Day trips to London with mum where I take charge and do all the planning.

4. Visit friends in their universities.

5. Clear out my room.

That’s the list so far. If anyone has any ideas please tell me! Help out a bored nineteen year old, and I’ll blog about it along the way so you can hear my wacky stories of how I fail miserably. (Paris could be interesting.)

So here’s to my fresh start!

Wish me luck! Image (I thought I would give you all a picture of me at the end of horse riding, the smile is relief that I can peel myself out of the saddle at last, I promise I am really fit…honest!)


About lilyluna93

I am from Hertfordshire, England. I enjoy reading, writing, singing and acting and aspire to have my book published in the near future. Have a look at my blogs, you'll find some of my writing and my journeys. Enjoy.
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