Is age against me?

I’ve had a worry for a long time throughout my writing. My age. Wherever I research I always come across people saying… YOU WONT PUBLISH UNTIL YOU’RE AT LEAST THIRTY. Other than self publishing which isn’t a route I really want to go down it seems that my novel will sit gathering dust as I mature and wrinkle.

I have a problem with this, for one I believe that my novel is definitely good enough to be published alongside people’s who are thirty, or forty, or fifty… Secondly I know that I am mature, level headed and I have been through things that some people wont go through in a lifetime and I am only nineteen.

So when people say that nineteen is too young I tell them that no, it is not. Perhaps some nineteen year old’s are too young to write, the type that work in boring jobs and don’t have creative thoughts, the type that want to get a good but uninteresting job, earns loads of money and take early retirement. So what about the rest of us, the teenagers that are only teenagers because our age ends in ‘teen’…there is no other reason.

I would love to prove the people wrong who make themselves feel better about being published on the wrong side of forty and claim that we are too young and too immature to be authors. Can I do it? We will see, maybe I will turn into one of those authors, I will sit on my novel for ten years before I even get a sniff of interest and then I will turn into one of those people, I will tell people my age that they will never publish at Nineteen.

I also think that because of my age I will send off my sample chapters along with my cover letter and author bio and they will take one look at my date of birth and cast it aside. I fear that they wont even read the chapters as they see that all I talk about is a little job in Waterstones and English at GCSE and A Level.

So I ask my friendly bloggers to tell me what YOU think…Is age against me? Do you feel that you need to get to THAT age before the publishing industry will take you seriously?


About lilyluna93

I am from Hertfordshire, England. I enjoy reading, writing, singing and acting and aspire to have my book published in the near future. Have a look at my blogs, you'll find some of my writing and my journeys. Enjoy.
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5 Responses to Is age against me?

  1. luanaaraceli says:

    I think that the industry trend of favoring older authors comes about because the older you get, the more you read. And the more you read, the better you write. Writing, in the end, is a matter of experience.

    That being said, one of the best series I read (when I was 16) was written by a 14-year old.

    Age isn’t indicative of someone’s writing prowess, just as it isn’t indicative of someone’s maturity.

    • lilyluna93 says:

      Thank you! I totally agree. I also understand that the older we get the more they believe we will read however as I have worked in a book shop I needed to have read a large range of books from all sections for recommends. I’ve always been a bookworm anyway, I think it’s something people are born with.

      Thank you for your comment about maturity as well.I think that today there is a stigma attached to any teens, as hooded yobs, who couldn’t string a sentence together without ridiculous abbreviations, let alone write a book! I’ll just have to hope that they read it and love it so much they don’t realise how old I am! Thanks again.

  2. Pete Denton says:

    I wrote a book when I left school at 16. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t have the right tools to know how to edit it, to make it good enough to publish. If you think your work is good enough then age shouldn’t matter.

    You talk about publishing deals and whether age will be a barrier. I think you need a lot of luck rather than just ability to get a deal these days. Maybe your age could count in your favour. Set you apart from the crowd.

    If you did decide to go down the self-publishing route, no-one need know your age. Your work should be judged on the quality of the writing, of the characters and the story rather than the age of the hands typing the words.

    I hope to be one of those 40+ writers to publish šŸ™‚

    • lilyluna93 says:

      Thank you! I hope that my age will work in my favour, I think I’ll go down the route of ‘I am a young adult, so I know what they want!’ Not sure how well that will go down šŸ˜‰ Also what are your views on self publishing? Having worked in a bookshop and serving a very angry man because his book wasn’t on the shelf has put me off the idea a little. It seems to be a lot of hard work to get your book to places!

      • Pete Denton says:

        I think publishing in general is difficult to get the books everywhere. A friend of mine signed a deal with a small publisher and his book was released last year. Whenever I go into a bookshop I look for it, but haven’t found it yet.

        You can buy it online from Waterstones and WHSmiths, and as an ebook etc. It would be the same if you self-published.

        I think provided you have the best product you can have, well presented, editing, a professional cover design and a marketing plan it can be the way to go.

        From the people I know that have gone down this route, it is far from easy, but worth the hard work.

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